Orléans Photo Club Winter Challenge 2006-2007

For OPC Members

Submission Guidelines

Any member of the Orléans Photo Club is eligible to enter.

Funny how it all creeps up on you, first you notice the darkness falling early, then that light jacket doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, than lo and behold, you have to scrap off that crappy ice on the windshield. Oh well, it can’t be avoided. Winter will soon be upon us and while I can’t say I even remotely like winter at least it is sometimes picturesque.
Time to think about the Orléans Photo Club Winter Challenge. Your pictures, taken between November 11 2006 and March 10 2007 must be submitted by March 11 2007, the date of our regular meeting and we will show the pictures on cable tv set top box. You have 4 months (a long time for a long season!) to exercise your photographic eye (and freeze your shutter finger!), to take the ultimate winter pictures that tell the story of the season that defines us…winter.

(While you are out there…don’t forget the upcoming Inter club Competition in the Spring, theme: “In My Neighbourhood”.)

All submissions must be in to the Competition Director by March 12, 2006.

Judging will take place at a meeting of the Orléans Photo Club in March at the VACO Centre. Everyone is welcome to attend…it is a great opportunity to learn what makes a winning photograph!

The categories for submissions are as follows:

Challenge 1: Why I Like Winter You don’t have to like winter, I know I don’t! But what the heck, if you had to show someone why you did like winter, what image would you present? What picture tells the joys of winter to someone who has never had the pleasure of experiencing the Canadian winter?

Challenge 2: Climate Change The weather, our favourite topic here in Canada. And why not, it’s changing all the time. In this topic, you must show a change in the weather…first snowfalls, people preparing for weather, melting, changing skies, storms, all the fun stuff we go through. Use your imagination!

Challenge 3: Time Winter denotes a passage of time, it seems the world bundles up and lies low until it passes over. We watch the clock, then the calendar, and await the spring as the dark months pass by. Use your photographic imagination to show the passage of time, to show the measurement of time, to show the march of time. Time after time…so many ideas, so little time!

Contestants are limited to five (5) images for the entire Winter Challenge. You can enter your photos in any of the categories (example: 1 in each; 5 in one challenge; 2 in one challenge and 3 in another, etc.)…any combination as long as you know you can only enter up to five maximum.

Each entry must be accompanied by your name and category the picture is being submitted for. Information is to be posted on backside of prints (no information on front), or in body of email submission if digital.

Digital Digital submissions must be 768 pixels maximum on the long side (vertical or horizontal). Digital submissions can be sent via email to Marc Nagainis, OPC Competitions Director.
Prints Prints can be delivered at the meeting on March 10. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact either Marc ( or Michael Scott (

First, second and third place winners in each category will receive a ribbon, bragging rights and honour of being published on the OPC website (if desired!)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Orléans Photo Club Competition Director, Marc Nagainis. Please email questions, comments, (or entries) to: Stay tuned to this page for updated information.

We look forward to your entries. We hope you will enjoy the Winter Challenge.

Challenge info is available as a document

Michael Scott
President, Orléans Photo Club