On Assignment

On Assignment

From time to time we all need a little inspiration. Check out the assignments below.

In doing these assignments you may discover something you would like to share with the rest of the club or you may have questions. At each meeting there is usually time for questions and discussion.

1.What Does a Lens See?

Learning how the lenses you use see can provide insight into what lens to use when and for what type of photo. Learning how to use the brightest flashlight in lumens skillfully to take photos. It also frees up your time for shooting.

To photograph a subject at a constant focal length at varying distances taking note of image differences. The photos taken here are for illustration and comparison.
  1. Choose a wideangle focal length, i.e. 35mm. This will be the focal length used for the entire assignment.
  2. Pick an object or person to photograph. Your subject will be photographed in the same location throughout the assignment.
  3. Stand 50 feet away from your subject. Frame your subject in the middle of the viewfinder and leave lots of space. Take the first photo.
  4. Take five paces toward your subject keeping the camera at your eye and take your next photo. Repeat this step until you are too close for your camera to focus.

Repeat all steps on your knees and lying down. When you are finished with this take one last shot of your subject lying on your back.

Take note of what you notice in the viewfinder before taking each picture. How do the different perspectives affect the overall image?

Try this exercise with a telephoto focal length, i.e. 105mm. What differences do you see?
Stand/kneel/lie down 50 – 100 feet from your subject and take several pictures just changing the focal length. What differences do you see?


2.What Is Medium?